Visually Impaired Surf Camp in Memory of Anita Lathan

Jul 17–Jul 19
This camp is full but please sign up for the waitlist. Click the Register button above to go to the Eventbrite signup site, and then the big green “Register” button and then “Join Waitlist” If we can arrange a major sponsor, we may be able to handle more surfers, or have a special one day camp later in the summer. We’ll contact you as soon as we know if we’re able to make either happen for your surfer!

Our Visually Impaired Surf Camp has been running for nearly 10 years now. It may be the most popular camp we do at Wrightsville Beach and has been the subject of lots of news articles and shows. In 2016, we were filmed for a series The Hero Effect, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. (Watch the episode here!) We’ve also had sponsorship from The Helen Keller Foundation. This camp was started by Kelly Fort. The Fort Family has been a long time supporter of IndoJax Surf Charities and have been instrumental in making the VI Camp the most incredible surf event IndoJax does at Wrightsville Beach.

“Lucan participated in the VI camp this last year.  Though, he has also participated in the Autism camp in the past. He is not a very verbal child, but knows when we cross the bridge to Wrightsville Beach we are going to camp. He starts to say ‘Go Surf Camp.’ It’s awesome to know that he is using this camp to build on his communication skills. It’s also nice to make new parent friends who have children with the same condition. We don’t always know others dealing with the same issues. It makes us realize that we aren’t alone. (Hopefully, this isn’t an overblown testimonial.) The instructors are fantastic and they include the whole family when applicable.” –Proud Parent

“Both of my children attend the Visually Impaired Surf Camp and this is THE camp they talk about going to all year! They love their instructors and the encouragement they receive during camp.  It’s a great family-focused camp to attend!” —Traci & Gene Wilkerson, Olivia & Evan, 12 & 10

“The IndoJax Surf Camp for those with visual impairments builds the social confidence of youth with blindness by having them interact with peers from all over whom they would otherwise never meet as this disability has low prevalence within the population. It also helps parents to network and share resources with each other and to reassure each other as to the abilities of their children. Finally, it opens the door to another potential sport for youth with blindness to experience success.” —Proud Parent

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Notable Quotables

  • opens the door to another potential sport for youth with blindness to experience success.

    —Proud Parent