Coffee for a Cause

Order early, quantities are limited to ensure freshness

This holiday season, IndoJax Surf Charities is proud to partner again with Outland Java Company. Together we will be offering the finest premium roasted organic coffee beans that will be shipped directly to you within days of roasting, not weeks or months.Here’s the great part: 100% of all profits from the sale of these premium organic coffee beans will go to IndoJax Surf Charities to support our surf camps for disadvantaged, medically fragile and special needs children as well as a camp for wounded warriors.

About Outland Java Company
Outland Java Company is a specialty roasting company producing the highest quality varietal coffees. We only roast 100% USDA Certified Organic beans. By sourcing beans from family farms and small coops, your cup not only tastes great but helps directly support the growers. Outland Java carefully selects the finest beans from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia. We roast in small batches ensuring you will always receive the freshest coffee available.

Buy Some Coffee!

Order for yourself or as a gift for family or friends!

You’ll receive 3 twelve oz. bags of the best organic coffee beans you can find anywhere, competitively priced ($33.50 including S&H), and delivered right to your door. The three roasts are Breakfast Blend, Italian, and Seasonal.


Breakfast Blend

A light and sweet blend of beans from 3 continents. Breakfast Blend has a good body, pleasant sweetness, while possessing low acidity. There are hints of plums, apricots, nuts, butterscotch, and cocoa.


Italian Roast

Italian Roast is a rich and full bodied blend of coffees chosen to provide a balance of flavors. Dark roasted in the Southern Italian tradition with ripe fruit and berry aromas.



Our Seasonal roasts will feature a bean that is prime for the time of the year. The first Seasonal roast comes from Peru. Lively and balanced with piquant flavor. Medium Dark Roast draws out the nice cacano nib sweetness.

Care for your Coffee

The 4 big enemies of the roasted bean are: Time – Air – Light – Temperature. So what can you do? First don’t buy coffee that is already ground, it’s done for as far as freshness. Buy coffee beans as close to the roast date as possible. After purchase, keep your coffee beans in an air tight container, out of the light and in a cool place, DO NOT refrigerate or freeze.

Coffee Facts

  • Once roasted, coffee beans will begin to go stale (degrade) after just 2 to 3 weeks. In fact, it seems most coffee we buy today is already stale. Once coffee is ground, it begins to degrade immediately.
  • Buy certified organic coffee beans because they have not been sprayed with pesticides. Nothing worse than drinking a nice brew that could have a chemical in it designed to kill pests.
  • Always buy Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are the quality beans in the coffee world.
  • Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, behind only tea.
  • Coffee beans are really the “pits” of the coffee cherry.

Buy Some Coffee!