Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make each camp a uniquely hassle-free experience. Knowing what to expect before you arrive can help to put your mind at ease. From several years of camps, we have heard probably every question about the camps you may have. Here are some answers to help! If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Are the charity camps really free?

    Yes! We raise funds to provide our outreach camps at no cost to the participants. We do request that participants help in the fundraising. Participants are encouraged to attend our frequent fundraisers. Everyone can give something so we hope that each participants donates something. We have made it very easy to donate at registration. You must register in advance to participate.

  • What do participants need at the camps?

    You will need several things to participate in the surfing camps. Participants need a bathing suit, towel and water bottle. We supply all necessary equipment, water, sunscreen, rash guards, life vests and an awesome time!!! If you need special sunscreen you will have to provide that yourself.

  • When are the camps?

    Camps run from 5-7 pm on the scheduled days.

  • Where are the camps?

    Camps take place at Wrightsville Beach access #10, Mallard Street. There is metered street parking on Mallard, but bigger lots with showers at Mercers Pier and access #8. Both are a short walk to our location at access #10. (View Google Map for directions.)

  • Can I come for part of a camp?

    No. We have limited space available. If you register, you are registering for the entire camp. It is not fair to take a space and not come to all days. Certainly if there is an emergency we understand, and we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. However, you should only register if your intent and schedule permit the full camp.

  • Can siblings participate?

    In general we try to allow siblings to participate when space comes available. For some of our bigger camps it is difficult but we always try. Priority goes to the child with the special need. You need only register your special needs child at registration.

  • What do parents do?

    Parents are expected to stay at the camp to watch, take photos, and be available when needed. Sometimes children take breaks and the instructor may take another child out surfing. During those times, parents are expected to supervise their children.

  • Other ways to help?

    Participants and parents can write reviews on FB or send emails to me directly about their experience. You can also spread the word about our program to businesses, and other potential donors. The more the word gets out the more kids we can serve.

  • Do the kids have to surf?

    No, we use surfing as a vehicle to achieve something much greater than surfing. If a child is tentative or scared we take our time to build comfort and confidence before attempting to surf. Sometimes kids belly ride, swim or just build sand castles. Our goal is a positive overall experience. Almost always, kids surf before the camp ends.

  • What if we get bad weather?

    It’s rare, but we sometimes have to cancel due to bad weather or dangerous surf conditions. In the event of bad weather we try to wait out the storm. We may start late. If we miss a day though, we continue the camp the following days, but generally do not have a make up day.